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Heavy Duty Tire Changing Station – Super Titan Triple Long

Autoquip designs heavy-duty tire changer to lift Caterpillar equipment 18" high for quicker change out process. 

The Challenge

The Clayton Machine Development Center for Caterpillar is the center where engineers and technicians work on designing, building, prototyping, and testing machines.  They were looking for a more safe and efficient process for changing out different tires at their development center.  

The Autoquip Solution

The Super Titan Triple Long lift for Caterpillar is designed with a range of special features to make the process of changing tires for tractors and other equipment machinery easier, safer, and faster.  

  • Super Titan Triple Long Tire Handler is designed to handle a maximum lifting capacity of 67,000 lbs.
  • Travel height is 18” – a proper height for safe employee operation and suitable for tire change out.
  • Several features to help accurately position equipment and tires on the platform including floor guides, guide pads, and removable tire stops.
  • Green and yellow lights for operator positioning and tire guides, custom axle supports, and proximity sensors to assure the lift picks up the machine at the right position.
  • Easy operator controls with wall mounted press & hold push button controls to actuate the lift.
  • Accordian skiring for protection from debris and dirt accumulating under the lift. 

Solution Benefits

This specially designed lift is improving safety and reducing the amount of time it takes to remove tires enabling the design and testing team to move quicker with product development.


Watch our video of this project

Published: 08/30/2016
Tags: Super Titan Double Long , Agriculture , Super Titan , High Capacity Lifts , Custom Lifts , Assembly , Heavy Equipment Lifts

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