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Non-Fixed Tilter with Independent Sides – Lays Flat

Wings operate with independent sides or together as the application requires. 

The Challenge

A manufacturer of heat exchangers for internal combustion engines wants an easier way to load their molds onto pallets.  

The Autoquip Solution

The Autoquip engineering team designed a tilter with independent sides/wings so that each wing could be operated independently or together as the task required.  This is made possible by electro-hydraulic synchronization of the wings via incremental dual encoder feedback with modular valves.  The two wings also have the option of laying completely flat allowing for space saving benefits within their facility. 

Solution Benefits

The non-fixed tilter with independent sides gives the customer tremendous flexibility, allowing them to load the molds faster and with safer care.  

Watch the video here:


Published: 08/02/2017
Tags: 90 Degree Upender , Lift & Tilt Tables, Tilters & Upenders , Heavy Equipment Lifts , Automotive/ Trucking/ Rail , Pallet Handling

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