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Specialized Custom Equipment

Autoquip offers numerous possibilities to custom-design a lifting solution to meet your specific application need.  In addition to offering customization on our scissor, dock, and freight lift designs, we offer customization on all our product line.  Other custom products including:

Ram lifts – Autoquip has been manufacturing this style lift for 65 years.  Ram lifts offer the user tremendous capacity, great edge load, heavy-duty and long-lasting lifting.  For customers who must have high capacity drive on/off capability, the Ram lift may be the best solution for you.  Like all Autoquip lifts, the ram lift can be customized and modified to meet your specific application.

Pan lifts – Autoquip designs and manufactures a line of pan or zero low lifts that may be customized.  These lifts offer easy reach over and the ability to drive a cart onto the lift without constructing a pit.

Mast/Cantilever lifts – Autoquip’s cantilever lifts used in a non-VRC application can be customized for specifications requiring low height and no pit access because the lifting mechanism is behind the platform, not underneath as most lifts.            

Four Post lift – The newest design from Autoquip is a 4 post lift which can be customized for applications requiring moving sizeable loads in a horizontal position to an upper mezzanine level. 

Tilters - Autoquip specializes in designing custom tilting systems for specific products and applications that require special positioning or re-orientating of loads.   We have experience customizing tilters for many uncommon applications that require an extensive range of positioning, re-positioning of oversized material loads, or mounting special fixtures that hold the product during the tilting process.

Turn Tables – Our custom turn tables can be built with many custom options to create the ideal rotating solution for the most challenging and unique problems.  Our custom-designed turntables have been used to move complex loads with capacities up to 50,000 lbs.

It doesn’t stop there; with our extensive design library, Autoquip can design a complete custom turn-key system that is built specifically for your actual project needs. Read our case studies which highlight our custom application capabilities, then give us a call to discuss the right solution for you. 

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Specialized Custom Equipment Case Studies.

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