75 Years of History & Accomplishments

75 Years of History & Accomplishments

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Continuously Raising the Bar

From the moment we opened our doors in 1947, the Autoquip family has aimed to revolutionize the world of quality lift equipment. Thanks to our team of hard-working professional engineers, project managers, and skilled tradespersons, that goal has become a reality!

We are celebrating our rich history and evolution of manufacturing the highest quality of standard and custom lift equipment. Over the past 75 years, we have evolved from producing hydraulic ram lifts to offering a full portfolio of hydraulic and mechanical custom lift solutions for any industry.

Autoquip is present in manufacturing, retail, and distribution facilities all over the U.S. and represented in all industry sectors. We have sold to numerous countries overseas and to all but one continent. We are highlighting our accomplishments and positioning for future growth as we continue to evolve and lead the material handling industry.

Innovation From the Start

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Autoquip was founded in 1947 by Jesse Clarke and his brother Dudley in Chicago, Illinois to produce hydraulic lifting devices. Jesse knew many people in the automotive industry and began manufacturing high-quality; large diameter ram lifts which were used primarily in automotive service.

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In the 1950’s the use of material handling equipment increased sharply. Effective systems such as that being employed by the air cargo industry today are the result, in part, of Autoquip’s technology.

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In 1970, Autoquip was purchased by and remains a subsidiary of Miner Enterprises of Geneva, IL (founded 1892).

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In 1974, Autoquip relocated to its present location in Guthrie, OK. The first production in Guthrie was for 400 CMD dock lifts which were specially configured for the U.S. Postal Service.

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Over the next few decades Autoquip began diversifying their product line with stationary and portable lift configurations. These lifts ranged from 500 to 100,000lb. capacity, 1′ to 100′ travel, with 360° turntables or 0° to 90° tilts designed for aircraft and rail-car applications, or for moving freight between floors.

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In 2009, Autoquip was presented with a unique opportunity to purchase American Lifts™ from Columbus McKinnon in Greensburg, IN. After the purchase, all production was relocated to Guthrie, Ok. This blended two of the strongest brands of material handling equipment together as a beacon for “Made-in-America” innovation and quality.

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In 2016, Autoquip acquired OSCO Controls, an industrial control panel manufacturer based in Oklahoma City, Okla. It has allowed the company to offer a diverse range of control platforms, advanced logic technologies, and automation solutions to help our customers realize greater success.

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Today, we are redefining the industry with an innovative array of lifting solutions and advanced control systems for some of the largest companies, worldwide. We specialize in developing ‘best-in-class’ custom solutions for high-capacity applications, precision positioning, process automation, conveyance, high vertical travel multi-level transport, complex system integration and control technologies.

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Here’s To Many More Years

A lot has changed since 1947, but our commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer service has remained the same. We will continue to position ourselves to exceed customer expectations and move the industry forward with our unique custom lifting solutions.

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