Custom-Designed Lifting Solutions

When your application demands more than the standard, our custom design solutions are made to solve your unique manufacturing challenges.

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Solving Complex Challenges Is What We Do

At Autoquip, we focus on developing and implementing the latest design, technology, and production techniques into every lift we build. Our highly skilled team of engineers and technical experts have maintained a reputation for taking on diverse specialized projects and delivering exceptional results.

Whether you need your lifts to be mobile, high-cycle, automated, or particularly sized and configured, Autoquip has the most customizable capabilities to craft the right lift for you.

See how we've solved several unique challenges in these case studies.

Work Platform Conveyor for Smooth Operation

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High Performance Mechanical VRC

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Mega Tilter Upends 150,000 lbs.

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Aerospace Manufacturing Challenges Solved by Customized Scissor Lift

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Lift, Tilt & Turn: Handles Complex Demands

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OSCO Control Box

Take Your Lift Further

Beyond our standard and custom lift solutions, we have combined the industry's largest design library with our extensive background in advanced engineering capabilities to meet your unique conditions and objectives. Each of our standard or custom lifts can be outfitted with innovative design options, such as added safety, versatile mobility, and intuitive controls, to provide the best performance possible.

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Superior Control Capabilities

Autoquip’s in-house controls division has developed a wide variety of advanced solutions to make your lift smarter. AQ Connect™ is an adaptive and intuitive controls system that uses self-diagnostic maintenance monitoring technology. It is available across all product lines to give you flexible functionality and oversight, ensuring top safety precautions and an increase in productivity on the manufacturing floor.

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AQ Connect Control Panel

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Whether your lift requires an advanced smart panel like the AQ Connect or standard controls for a simple operation, Autoquip's in-house Controls Division is fully capable of installing the best system to suit your needs.

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