Custom-Designed Lift Solutions

Solving Complex Challenges Is What We Do

When your application demands more than the standard, our custom design solutions are made to solve your unique manufacturing challenges.

Infinite Solutions For Any Industry

Whether crafted from the ground up or modified from an existing design, we leverage our 70 years of experience to push the boundaries in innovation, design, and technology to create one-of-a-kind lifting solutions designed to meet your specific industry need.
Designing Your Solution
Every custom solution starts with your goals and objectives.
Our highly skilled team of engineers and technical experts will work with you to understand your application and operational objectives to build you the perfect solution. You can count on us to support you every step of the way.
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Take Your Lift Further
We integrate custom design options to give you the desired outcome for your specialized application. Whether you need your lift to be mobile, high-cycle, automated, or specifically sized and configured, we have the materials, components, and design techniques to create an end product that meets your specific needs.
Controls Custom Option


Whether your needs dictate simple relay controls or fully integrated PLC controlled automation systems on an isolated network, our inhouse sales and engineering staff have the experience and knowledge to design the system that solves your material handling problems in a cost-effective manner.

Autoquip has expertise with the following control options and can work with you to integrate and combine with other control systems as well.

  • Pushbuttons or Footswitches
  • Relays (Mechanical or Programmable)
  • Limit Switches (Mechanical or Proximity)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Human-Machine Interface
  • Variable Frequency Drive
Safety Custom Option


Autoquip ensures a safe operation when using our lifting equipment. We also offer advanced safety features designed to protect the particular needs of the customer’s application, as well as safety products that further protect your personnel, equipment, and operating zone.

To review the information on safety options below, and to have any of these items installed on your custom lift order, give Autoquip a call. Our experienced sales team will work with you to make sure the right lift and proper safety items are provided to get the job done and safeguard both your people and product.

  • Safety Guards & Handrails
  • Safety Mats
  • Bevel Toe-Guards
  • Hanging Toe Indicator Skirt
Mobility Custom Option


We provide both manual and powered mobility options, such as adding wheels, casters, tires, or air casters. When the lift or load is heavier, we offer powered driven transport options to include powered drive wheel(s), air powered casters/bearings, or chain drive systems.

Autoquip has all the mobile options to give you the flexibility and maneuverability required of your lift equipment. If you don’t see a mobile option from our list below, give us a call to discuss your lift transport requirements.

  • Wheels
  • Casters
  • Powered Drive Wheel
  • Air powered - Air Caster/Bearing Drive System
Platform Configurations Custom Option

Platform Configurations

All platforms become special when application requests fall beyond the scope of our standard minimum and maximum platform sizes on Autoquip’s standard base models. All base models are rated for maximum load capacity and maximum end/side load to ensure the functional integrity of the lift. We adhere to that same engineering principle when designing our custom platforms. Every uniquely shaped, sized, or configured platform has been tested for optimal performance, as well as rated based on those tested results.

  • Oversized
  • Shapes
  • Fixtures
  • Conveyors
Platform Shuttle Custom Option

Platform Shuttle

We also outfit scissor lifts with platform extensions that slide or shuttle one end or side of the deck. Autoquip can move multiple ends or sides to provide a larger work area. Platform Extensions are used for a variety of purposes, such as moving the worker closer to the work, filling the gaps between the work platform and the fixture/product, and extending heavy equipment for mating or installation.

Autoquip has experience designing platform extensions ranging from full to partial platform sizes based on application requirements. Give us a call to discuss adding platform extensions to your custom work platform.

  • Adjustable Platform Extensions
  • Full Platform Shuttle
  • Sliders
  • Leaves
Tilt Custom Option


Autoquip specializes in designing custom tilting systems for specific products and applications that require special positioning or re-orientation of loads. We have experience customizing tilters for many uncommon applications that require an extensive range of positioning, re-positioning of oversized material loads, or mounting special fixtures that hold the product during the tilting process.

Whatever the tilting application, Autoquip’s innovative technology and years of application experience can help you create the optimal solution. Learn more about the types of tilter options we offer, or give us a call to custom-build a tilter to meet your requirements.

  • Upenders
  • High Hinge Dumpers
  • Flip Flop
  • All in One Tilt Lift
Turn & Rotate Custom Option

Turn & Rotate

We have the experience in designing turntables as a single piece of equipment, or as those that are mounted on top of a scissor lift platform. Available as manual or powered, they can be customized to have 360° continuous rotation in both direction, or restricted movement with detents or stops added.

Autoquip is an expert at turntable customization. We have several case study examples of successful projects that have been completed by our team of engineers. Below are the types of custom turntables offered by Autoquip. If you don’t see what you need, give us a call to discuss your situation and provide the perfect solution.

  • Flush-Floor, Pit-Mounted Turntables
  • Top Mounted Turntable
  • Scissor Lift Turntables
  • Explosion Proof Turntables
Conveyors Custom Option


Whether it involves assisting in feeding product onto the conveyor, loading or unloading trucks, transporting pallet loads, or tilting packages to move off the conveyor, Autoquip lifts are used in multiple ways within a conveyor line. We will consult with you to understand your unique conveyor challenges and deliver a high-value material handling solution to match that need. No product is too bulky or heavy for our conveyor design solutions.

  • Non-Powered Conveyance
  • Powered Conveyance
  • Conveyor Accessories
High Travel Custom Option

High Travel

With our extensive experience in customizing, we can modify any one of our lifts to reach your specific height requirements. These vertical lifts are usually fixed permanently to the floor to help stabilize the structure, but most high travel scissor lift models can be made portable through our custom solutions.

  • Load Stabilization
  • Platform Size
  • High Cycle
  • Speed
High Capacity Custom Option

High Capacity

Extreme loads and demanding conditions require a high capacity lift that is designed for durability and reliability. When standard lifts are not up to the task, Autoquip meets your needs with specially-engineered high capacity lift equipment. Autoquip has the experience to solve the toughest heavy-duty lifting problems for exceptionally large load sizes.

  • Platform Deflection
  • Power Units
  • Rollover Capacity
  • Speed
Platform Configurations
Platform Shuttle
Turn & Rotate
High Travel
High Capacity
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We contacted Autoquip because we needed a lift system that was designed to our specification requirements. As a leading original equipment manufacturer of paint finishing equipment for industrial clients, we understood firsthand that a "one size" does not fit all. We knew that Autoquip could build a lift made to fit our exact needs and they did! The lift was easy to install, works great and built to last. Thanks again for a great product.
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Mike Herman, Therma-Tron-X
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