Introducing AQ Connect

Autoquip's New Smart Controls System

Get the most out of your lift with AQ Connect, Autoquip's intelligent controls panel that monitors equipment status to keep your manufacturing operations on track.

OSCO Control Box

Maintenance Made Easy

Our material handling controls systems are smarter than ever with the new AQ Connect. This adaptive and intuitive device goes beyond the limitations of other control panels by using cutting-edge maintenance technology.

Can Your Lift Self-Diagnose?

The new AQ Connect's intelligent design quickly and accurately self-diagnoses operational issues, boosting work productivity and eliminating downtime on the manufacturing floor. It can also be programmed to perform a variety of tasks to integrate into your specific application and workflow. The AQ Connect works to improve the functionality of your unique lift, and is available with built-in local and remote system communication.

  • Self-diagnostic Capabilities
  • Safety Alerts
  • Remote Monitoring and Reporting
  • Programmable Tasks
  • Built-in System Communication

Take Control of Your Lift

This controls system comes standard on all Autoquip VRC products and is available as an option across the entire Autoquip product line. Does your project require a specialized lift? Check out all the custom options we have to offer.

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AQ Connect Control Panel

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Whether your lift requires an advanced smart panel like the AQ Connect or standard controls for a simple operation, Autoquip's in-house Controls Division is fully capable of installing the best system to suit your needs.

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