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Freight Lifts – Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

Freight Lifts, also known as vertical reciprocating conveyors, provide an exceptional solution for transferring high-capacity freight between mezzanine levels. Autoquip's vertical reciprocating conveyor manufacturing solutions provide a safe, economical, and reliable solution for your vertical lifting challenges all within a small footprint per your specifications. All of our VRCs & freight lifts meet or exceed the requirements of ASME B20.1 (Safety Requirements for Conveyors and Related Equipment).

Products By Family

Hydraulic Cantilever VRC

No Limits to Overhead Space

Hydraulic Freightlite VRC

A Top Choice for Lightweight Material Handling, Inventory and Storage

Hydraulic Straddle VRC

More Carriage Space for Larger Loads

Mechanical 4 Post VRC

High Capacity Load Transfer Between Multiple Levels

Mechanical Cantilever VRC

Faster Speed and No Overhead Restriction

Mechanical Straddle VRC

Ideal for High Speed/High Through-Put Applications

Package Lift

For Simple Transfer of Light Duty Loads of Boxes, Crates & Cartons

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