Enhance Your Lift with Custom Design Options

Autoquip’s innovative design options are easily integrated into any of our standard lifts.

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OSCO Control Box

Optimize Performance

Utilizing years of experience and industry insight, Autoquip has developed a variety of capabilities and design options to best suit your unique lifting requirements.

Size It

Handle oversized or oddly shaped loads with ease with our unique platform design options.

Convey It

Integrate your production line with a lift and conveyor system to improve workflow.

Control It

Apply lift synchronization, automation, and variable speeds with a simple to operate control system.

Move It

Efficiently transport your inventory by adding a mobile option to a standard lift.

Control Capabilities

Our in-house Controls Division works to design and integrate an optimized controls system for your specific application. Whether your lift requires an advanced smart panel like our AQ Connect, or standard controls for a simple operation, we’re sure to give your project additional operational flexibility and oversight.

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All Design Options

At Autoquip, we offer a wide selection of options and design features to create a one-of-a-kind lift for your application. From custom platform sizing to conveying and controlling systems, we will put your lift in position to maximize your efficiency and performance.

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